How to bet in Las Vegas at Slots machines

Las Vegas is definitely the gambling and (adult) entertainment capital of the world, a title that it has earned with effort and dedication offering all its visitors various options to have fun, from great and magnificent musical shows, fights, magic, in short, to obviously the options of sports betting or gambling.

There are many things that attract us, but the main attraction is definitely gambling with its famous slot machines, poker tournaments, roulette, sports betting, in short, anyone who likes gambling Las Vegas is the ideal place to go, but this place has changed the way people play and for something as basic as gambling you have to know how to bet in Las Vegas.

Now, the first thing I will specify is that this content is focused on the experience of the slot machines also known as slots, although you may think that in your country there are also casinos, so no one should explain to you how to do it, because it is very easy, well, let me tell you that Las Vegas reinvented itself to offer the same game, but in a different process.

How to gamble in Las Vegas on Slots machines

All the casinos in Las Vegas allow entry to all people to their casinos, from very young to very old, that is a big difference to other places, for example, Mexico, which does not allow access to minors, however, in Las Vegas, the hotels have in their lobbies, in the malls, in short, even to go to eat at a restaurant you must go through the casinos, that makes these places are freely accessible to all and even allow you to take pictures unlike other places.

Of course, never try to take pictures of the poker, roulette, backgammon or blackjack betting tables, because that is not allowed, and neither are minors allowed to play, but they can be inside the facilities.

So, Las Vegas casinos are similar to those in the world, but with their own rules and one of them is the way in which you bet or introduce money into the slot machine.

Start to play

Well, to play or start betting requires the player to open an account with the Casino, leaving personal contact information on a form which will make the casino gives you an electronic card in which to deposit money, to play electronically in all the machines in that casino, and at the end, when you win or want to leave the player goes to the cashier to make withdrawal of cash.

Well, that’s not how it is in Las Vegas, maybe it was at one time, but it’s very different now.

For starters, they are more similar to the old days, when they were slots, but now they swallow notes. The slot machines in Las Vegas only accept notes to play with, so if you want to gamble, don’t take coins and take lots of greenbacks.

There are many people who go to Las Vegas to gamble with their credit card, although you can do it, because the casinos have ATM machines in every corner, they allow users to withdraw cash as if it were a cash machine, but you should know that these machines convert your currency to dollars with the highest buying rate, besides charging you a commission of 8% on every withdrawal you make. While you can take your card with you to gamble, the fees are very high and there is the risk that gambling can be addictive and get people into a lot of debt.

So it’s best to go to Las Vegas with the cash you plan to gamble with.

But let’s go back to the game mode, and once you put the money (notes) into the slot machine, it starts to work, but there is another very important thing you should know, and unlike other casinos in the world, here you can’t configure the machine to make different types of bets, although there are different amounts to bet, the machines are already configured to bet 35, 50, 75, 80, 100 or more lines.

This means that each roll will cost you at least 35 cents, and that is the cheapest machine and there are not many in the casinos, being the standard or the most common 75 or 80 bet lines per credit, this means that if you put a dollar, you can only roll once, so I recommend that you think that the bet you should make per machine is 10 or 15 dollars, and definitely will be few rolls depending on the machine, you may even roll only 8 times betting 10 dollars.

Although the slot may have 20 cents left, you will not be able to play with them and you will have to increase the amount of cash to bet or withdraw them. With those tickets you can play in another slot machine, of course, putting in more money or you can go to the ATM, to the cash machine to put in that ticket and withdraw your money.

This is the same process when you win, and if you bet 20 dollars and you already have 70 dollars, you can withdraw winning 50 dollars that you will take out of the ATM, you just insert the ticket that the machine gives you and the ATM gives you the money automatically. While this form of gambling is not difficult to understand, you need to know what the process is and basically understand that the level of gambling in Las Vegas tends to be high.

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