What is the Asian handicap in football and how can you make the most of it?

Whether or not you know what the Asian handicap in football is, this blog will be of great use to you. We have other articles where we detail what handicap betting is, or specifically the Asian handicap, but here you will learn how to get the most out of it when we talk about football. Shall we go there?

In the aforementioned articles you will find a more detailed explanation of the different types of handicap betting. Broadly speaking, handicap bets of different types will serve to turn bets with unprofitable odds into more interesting plays.

They will be based on adding a fictitious handicap, so the odds will go down, but the odds will go up. Do you always have to use the Asian handicap in football? No, sometimes it won’t make sense. Don’t you have to handicap if the match is already even? It depends on many factors: your budget, your prediction… there is no closed answer! Here you will learn how to fish, don’t expect to find fish on the table.

What is the Asian handicap for football and when is it best?

There are different situations in the world of football that may require the use of different types of resources when betting. What are some examples?

A very one-sided match: In this case, an Asian football handicap of 0.5, specifically the half-goal handicap, is ideal. Not only will we be adding a fictitious handicap to the favourite, but we will also be eliminating the draw. What does this mean for forecasting? To have data that transmits us a superior confidence in the favourite.

A match with a favourite, but not a clear favourite: In this case, a traditional Asian handicap of 1 is ideal. What is special about it? It is the same case as the previous one, but there is a draw option, and therefore, a return. If we bet on a -1 handicap on a Madrid Sevilla for the Whites, a 1-0 would mean a return and a 2-0 would mean a win for us. In the previous case, with a 1.5 we would lose the bet at 1-0 and take it (with a better odds) at 2-0. With the traditional one, there will be a slip.

Which Asian handicap in football is the best in close matches? In this case, the best is the Asian handicap 0.0, which in practice is a draw bet that does not count. It is in practice the same as the previous point, but we would be adding 0 of inequality instead of a higher number.

Put your eggs in different baskets! In this case, the ideal for you will be the mixed one, which is nothing more than a combined one. You will be able to invest a sum of money in each type of handicap and they will be resolved independently.

Also, don’t forget that the handicap is not the only resource in your hands. You have other very interesting ones such as bets on total goals, moneyline bets, halves… all of them are complementary and have their context!

Asian handicap in football: The importance of predictions

Let’s be honest. Whether you choose a handicap or any other type of bet, it won’t magically work if your predictions don’t. The importance lies in having a good knowledge of the odds. The importance lies in having a strong knowledge of football data and statistics in order to make accurate predictions. To do this, you will need to focus on aspects such as head-to-head history, form, the level of the teams and/or the motivation of each team. Choosing the ingredients and their quantities will be essential to hit the nail on the head. And, as always, you can find data from the main competitions on this page, so you can check your own predictions:

  • Predictions Liga Santander
  • Predictions Champions League
  • Second Division Predictions
  • Predictions Serie A
  • Predictions Premier League
  • Bundesliga Predictions

Giving odds to each prediction will be ideal to have good results in the long term. Football handicap bets will only be a resource to give them a way out, without being magic. Set the odds and see if the odds offered are profitable for you, without getting obsessed with any particular type of bet. And finally, make sure you allocate your budget wisely with your stake. That would be the last ingredient to get your sports betting right.

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